Our Product

Cardan shafts for Industrial Applications

Product Series

1.SWC-I Light Duty

1.1 Flange Diameter: 58-225mm

1.2 Torque Range: 150-22000 N.m

1.3 Product Introduction:

      The SWC-I Light series products have the advantages of large operating angle,

      small rotary inertia,simple disassembly and assembly,low maintenance etc.

1.4 Application Situation: Paper machines,General machines,Pumps,Test machines 2.SWC Medium Duty

2.1 Flange Diameter:160-620mm 2.2 Torque Range: 16,000-1000,000 N.m

2.3 Product Introduction: 

      The medium-sized products have been proved the most popular choice of shafts for large torque in compact structure among our customers.

       Equipped with advanced processing level to ensure long service life.

2.4 Application Situation: Rolling mills,Tube piercer,Straightening machines,Crusher,Marine drivers


3.SWCZ Heavy Duty

3.1 Flange Diameter:680-1200 mm

3.2 Torque Range: 1640,000-9000,000 N.m

3.3 Product Introduction:

      The heavy series products adopt special heat treatment technology and reasonable structure design to ensure

      the smooth running of the series products under high load condition.

3.4 Application Situation:

      Plate mill,Crusher,High speed wire rolling mill,Wind mill test machine


4.SWC Short Duty

4.1 Flange Diameter:275-405 mm

4.2 Torque Range: 25,000-90,000 N.m

4.3 Product Introduction:

      The Short series products,maily for the installation space is extremely limited environment,

      the design of the structure is very compact,while could provide a certain length compensation

4.4 Application Situation: Locomotives,Marine drives,Wind mill