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International Summit on green development of China's steel industry chain


WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD was invited to attend the "green development summit of China's iron and steel industry chain". The theme of the conference is "transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, win the blue sky and white clouds defense war", focusing on the development strategy of Green China's iron and steel industry.

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The future of iron and steel metallurgy is more high-quality products. After almost 15 years of efforts, WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT has become a leading cardan shaft supplier in China, customized tens of thousands of solutions for customers, and delivered high-quality cardan shafts to more than 200 steel rolling industries in China.

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Quality is first in WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT

"Safe production, remove hidden perils" -- Weicheng Cardanshaft in action