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Weicheng Cardanshaft Company Purchase New Equipment To Further Improve The Market Competitivenes
Nov 21, 2017

   Recently, in order to improve the efficiency of workshop production and further meet the increasing demand for orders,our company invested in the vertical machining center and CNC horizontal metal band sawing machine. The equipments has been installed and debugged, and has been put into production.


new sawing machine.jpg

   Our company now has more than one CNC lathes and CNC machining centers.The proportion of CNC intelligent production equipment is increasing year by year,all this is to improve the overall production efficiency, fully meet customer demand for product quality and delivery cycle.


new CNC.jpg

   Weicheng Cardanshaft Company for fifteen years to adhere to the standardized management of enterprises, follow the ISO9001 quality management system.The introduction of new equipment, we are not only to reduce the intensity of the work of employees,but also to achieve the processing equipment, production processes and management mode of progress.Effectively solve the shortage of supply cycle caused by the increase of orders.We believe that the company will also gain remarkable benefits of production and management in this equipment update.