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Types Of Flange
Mar 31, 2017

Flange type, by flange and pipeline of fixed way is divided into thread flange, and welding flange, and pine sets flange; by sealed surface form, can is divided into smooth type, and bump type, and tenon slot type, and lens type and trapezoidal slot type, General low voltage small diameter with silk received flange, high pressure and low voltage big diameter with welding flange, different pressure of flange of thickness and connection bolt diameter and number is different of.

According to pressure of different grade, flange pad also has different material, from low voltage asbestos pad, and high pressure asbestos pad and the four fluoride pad to metal pad are has, flange connection using convenient, can bear larger of pressure, in industrial pipeline in the, flange connection of using is widely, like in indoor fire hydrant water system in the, butterfly valve, and gate, and check back valve, various valve and pipeline of connection.