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Turkey!The Cardan Shafts Manufactured By WEICHENG Are Coming.
May 08, 2017

    The cardan shafts manufactured by WEICHENG have been deliveryed to Shanghai Port.Soon,they will be shipped to Istanbul ,Turkey!Turkey is one of the most important markets of cardan shafts.We are grateful for the trust of the client.

    Quality is the life of an enterprise.Every step of the production process has the inspection track.With high quality and strict requirements,WEICHENG hope our cardan shafts can bring a different kind of Made-in-China to every customer in the world.

    From the selection of the raw materials to the final products of cardan shaft,we strictly follow our ideas in every aspect.As every employee in WEICHENG believes,'Rigorous and meticulous,Intelligent manufacturing quality'.

1Assembled and welded cardan shaft

Assembled and Welded Cardan Shafts

Assembled and Welded Cardan Shafts

2.Pack cardan shafts

pack cardan shaft

pack cardan shaft

3.Wait to shippment

wait to shippment

4.Go to Shanghai Port

go to Shanghai Port