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How To Choose A Cardan Shaft
Mar 31, 2017

Cardan shaft when you choose, should be taken into account are:

1) size, nature and the buffer damping torque requirements if the requirements is the overload of power transmission, you can select a gear coupling.

2) speed cardan shaft work, as well as the centrifugal force caused by the size of, if it is a high speed shaft, then you should choose high balancing precision coupling, but do not select the slider joint.

3) the cardan shaft the magnitude and direction of the relative displacement between the two shafts. If the installation and adjustment of work will produce a larger displacement of flexible couplings should be selected.

4) safety reliability of the cardan shaft, and how the work environment, in General, if the coupling requires no lubrication, it is more reliable if lubrication is required, then the performance will suffer the effects of lubrication, and may have other problems.