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Flange Mass Identification
Mar 31, 2017

Flange failed the quality of many factors, first of all, the roundness of the outer circle is not enough, the thickness of the plate enough, there is the roundness of a circle is not accurate enough, and so on, these are the main factors affecting the quality of entire flange, in order to prevent micro-leakage in the flange, and shielding gas should maintain a positive pressure in the furnace, if the shielding gas is hydrogen, the General requirements of 20kBar.

Most important is the large diameter flange pressure test when they go out, according to the results of the pressure test to determine if the flange is eligible, check or with SOAP and water wipe the large flange joint gaps to see if deflation, as long as the inspection standard, this is a qualified large-diameter flange, so that customer satisfaction, we can rest assured.

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