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Design Of Universal Coupling
Mar 31, 2017

To adapted different of workers condition, million to coupling of middle axis General is divided into around two part, and spent key connection, its ends fork surface of mutual location can with change spent key of Assembly relationship to regulation, reasonable of million to section drive design can reliable of passed power, inhibit movement passed in the produced of vibration, as guarantee two axis, speed turned and passed same of turned moment, so, has necessary on million to coupling dynamic characteristics for theory built die and simulation analysis research.

Universal couplings consist of two single universal coupling and intermediate shaft, and can be used to control the intersect, or space-staggered between both axles are joined in parallel, to realize the drive shaft and the driven shaft between the motor and power transmission.

In mechanical engineering and vehicle industry plays a very important role in the development, as the universal coupling of driven shaft angular velocity changes periodically, thus cause additional dynamic load in your transmission, so that vibration of the shaft, and double universal coupling can eliminate this drawback.