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Coupling Method
Mar 31, 2017

1. positioning screw: gap 90o between the two set screws on the fixed axle locking, traditional ways of fixing, because the front-end with the axis of the screw contacts may cause damage or demolition of an axis of difficulties.

2. clamp screws: use Hexagon bolt tightening force contracted the slit, and held axis clamp, fixed and easy this way, and will not cause damage to axis, is a very common way of fixing.

3. slot-type: suitable for high torque transmission, in order to prevent axial sliding, usually combined with positioning screws and clamping screws.

4.D holes: under normal circumstances, if the motor shaft is d-shaped, under If screw cannot be fixed, corresponding to the hole into coupling the motor shaft can be the size of a d-type hole, with the positioning screws, you don't have to worry about slipping.

5. expansion sleeve is fixed: by tightening the four position screws of the coupling end oppression account locking fixed applies to some large torque stepping motor and servo motor coupling fixed, such as expanding sleeve membrane coupling, expansion clubs couplings, expansion bellows coupling, etc.