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Application Of Universal Shaft For Scrap Crusher In Renewable Resource Field
Aug 04, 2017

Application of universal shaft for scrap crusher in renewable resource field

Scrap steel crusher universal shaft /PSX crushing production line universal shaft / crusher universal shaft is widely used in the crusher drive system, connected to the high voltage motor output and cutter shaft input. Cardan shaft crusher in the calculation of selection must be selected when certain safety factor, of course is not a model of the bigger the better, but to choose appropriate, generally we recommend 3 times according to the output torque of the motor to choose; because the crusher working condition is very unstable, the number of bearing on the knife shaft torque and scrap size the thickness, waste, and waste a great relationship type, Weicheng universal shaft engineers have a lot of experience, we developed a universal shaft crusher PSX Series 2000 horsepower, 4000 horsepower, 6000 horsepower, 8000 horsepower, in cooperation with the well-known domestic crusher manufacturer, such as Emperor Li shares, China Acer Road, friends of machinery, and Weicheng universal development of the 450KW, 630KW, 900KW and other small crusher cardan shaft, to meet the needs of enterprises of small scale production scrap.

Cardan shaft crusher used in harsh environment, affected by the impact of heavy load, so the cardan shaft of each component is critical, Weicheng universal cardan shaft from the raw materials, heat treatment, test very strict processing requirements are done, ensure each factory's products are qualified, and the service life of the cardan shaft is the long, universal shaft maintenance is simple. Wei Cheng universal has a professional dynamic balancing test equipment, crusher, cardan shaft and motor is connected directly, universal axis dynamic balance is very important, Wei Cheng universal crusher universal axis dynamic balance can reach G6.3 level.


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