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One Sunny Day In Weicheng Shaft Factory——A Warm Visiting From Our Spanish Customers
Nov 18, 2017

   On the first day of November, Wuxi Weicheng Cardan Shaft factory ushered in two customers from Spain.
It has made a good beginning for the foreign trade performance in November.

   After the guests arrived at the factory, we led the customers to our factory directly.Customers are interested in our CNC intelligent factory, which not only ensures the precision of the details of the cardan shaft parts, but also makes the quality of the cardan shaft more acceptable to the customers, and more importantly, it ensures the safety of the employees.

   After visiting the factory, we discussed the parameters and quantities of the cardan shaft with the customers in the conference room,
The customer saw our sincerity and earnest attitude towards the cardan shaft, and made the order immediately after the price was finalized.