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The use of drive cross shaft universal coupling for cold rolling mill
Aug 23, 2017

The use of drive cross shaft universal coupling for cold rolling mill

First, please pay attention to the following items before using the cold rolling cardan shaft:
1. the cold rolled universal shaft has been properly installed as required, and the safety protection device has been set up. Due to the high speed of the cold rolling cardan shaft, please pay attention to the safety of the body and equipment, and the personnel shall be away from the cardan shaft which is about to be operated.
2. check whether the cardan shaft has other spare parts and tools or items which have not been cleaned.
3. if the cold rolling cardan shaft is put into use for a long time (6 months or more), the joint, bearing and spline pairs should be refilled, and the bolts (columns) and nuts shall be re tightened according to the pretension requirements.
Two, the motor speed to the working speed of the 50% cold rolling in the cardan shaft under the condition of the load test run, check whether there is abnormal sound cold rolling shaft, vibration or other abnormal situations, such as should immediately stop and contact us for maintenance.
Three, cold rolling cardan shaft under normal operating conditions, the joint bearing failure form is fatigue failure, if the lubrication is not sufficient, the failure form is wear, so make sure the full cross shaft lubrication.
Four, no cold cardan shaft term work overload; normal working torque should not exceed cardan shaft torque, cold-rolled cardan shaft can only withstand a limited time (not more than 1000 times) a short time overload, maximum torque and overload torque can not exceed the value of the cardan shaft. Five. The working angle of the cold rolling universal shaft must be lower than the limit angle. Its working angle is within 2 degrees when the joint performance is the best. Six, cold rolled universal shaft can be used at -25 degrees to +80 degrees celsius.