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The performance of the cardan shaft is shared by the cardan shaft manufacturer
Aug 08, 2017

The performance of the cardan shaft is shared by the cardan shaft manufacturer


People in contact generally know that the cardan joint is an essential part of the shaft assembly. It is like a joint on the limbs of a human body that allows the angle changes between the parts to be joined. But it is different from the form of limb joints, it only allows the angle changes in a certain range. Then what are the performance characteristics of the universal joint? Come and listen to the cardan shaft. What does the manufacturer say?

(1) high transmission efficiency, long service life, simple structure, easy manufacture and easy maintenance.

(2) to ensure the relative position of two connected in the expected range, can reliably transmit power.   
(3) to ensure that the two connecting shafts can operate uniformly (the additional load due to the angle of the cardan joint, vibration and noise should be within the allowable range). Therefore, in general after the drive joint transmission form of double universal joint, drive shaft is at each end of a universal joint, its role is to make equal angles of both ends of the transmission shaft, the output shaft and the shaft shaft into the instantaneous angular velocity is always equal.

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