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How to do the maintenance and care of cardan shaft?
Jun 24, 2017

The maintenance and care of the cardan shaft can ensure the best running quality and prolong the service life of the cardan shaft.
The details are as follows:
1, E
very day to check the connection flange and other parts of the fasteners are loose, if loose, should immediately ban solid
2. Check whether the bearing of the cardan shaft is hot and noisy, if the spline is worn seriously, and there is abnormal vibration and noise. In the event of such a situation, the cause shall be ascertained in time, and the cardan shaft shall be removed to replace the parts so as to avoid the work of the cardan shaft.
3, Regular lubrication is the key, lubrication cycle according to the use of the universal shaft environment is good or bad, flexible grasp.
4, According to the use of different industries and affected by the scene environment, the maintenance period of cardan shaft in 3~12 months, the user according to their actual situation to determine. The focus of maintenance is to inspect, clean and replace parts of the cross shaft assembly. The original sealing ring must be renewed. Since the damage of the cardan shaft is complicated and the condition is limited, it is recommended that the customer dismantle the flange sleeve at both ends of the cardan shaft on the spot and then ship it to the cardan shaft for overhaul. We suggest that, for the flexible cardan shaft, in general, do not pull the spline apart so as to avoid the restoration of fashion mistakes.