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Spline shaft common types
Mar 31, 2017

Spline shafts of rectangle spline shafts and involute spline shafts, two major types, the rectangle spline shaft spline shaft is widely and involute spline shafts used for loading larger, require high centering precision, as well as connection to a larger size.

Rectangle spent key axis usually should for aircraft, and car, and tractor, and machine manufacturing, and agricultural machinery and the General mechanical drive, device, due to rectangle spent key axis more tooth work, so hosted capacity high, on neutral, and oriented sex good, and its tooth root more shallow of features can makes its stress concentrated small, addition spent key axis of axis and hub strength weakened small, processing compared convenient, with grinding method can get high of precision.

Involute spline shafts for larger loads, high centering accuracy requirements, and the connections are large in size, it features: tooth profile of involute, radial force on the teeth when loading, Automatic centering role to play so that the teeth even by force, high strength long life, processing technology and gear the same, easier to achieve high precision and interchangeability.