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Selection of cardan shaft lubricating oil
Jun 27, 2017

Due to the need to withstand greater pressure load, the cardan shaft will have some surface wear and loss of epidermis. In particular, the universal shaft used in the automotive industry, when the above problems occur, should be lubricated, and in fact, for the convenience of the operator, will be directly lubricated with calcium based grease, so that the universal shaft damage. So how do you choose the lubricant?
In general, we will use the gear oil lubrication of cardan shaft, the proper viscosity gear oil form oil film lubricating oil is not strong, because of the centrifugal force from the contact surface to get rid of, have good elastic hydrodynamic lubrication. In addition, the gear oil has good oiliness and extreme pressure, and can form boundary lubricating film under the condition of high pressure, and protect the cardan shaft. Filling gear oil need filling equipment, while paying attention to check the sealing of steel bowl; or using lithium based grease, and combined with maintenance operations, clean up old oil, re filling new oil lubrication.
So why can't you use calcium based grease? That's because:
(1) calcium base grease is composed of thickener calcium and base lubricating oil, and its structure is dispersed. It can separate under long time movement, and it is difficult to form new oil film because of poor fluidity.
(2) after the deterioration of the grease, the formation of more hard soap, will hinder the rolling of the needle, causing obstruction, new oil can not enter, the old soap quality is not out.
(3) the tenacity of the oil film is poor, while the cardan shaft is subjected to large torque and alternating load, so it is difficult to form a good oil film.

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