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How to use the cardan shaft of the steel strip mill?
Jun 21, 2017

The cardan shaft of hot strip mill is divided into rough rolling and finishing rolling.
Roughing cardan shaft as the rolling force and huge torque is not stable, so the cardan shaft yoke head to select more than 42CrMo material as the basis, the heat treatment process to adjust the metallographic structure, the cardan shaft speed in this area is relatively low, usually a week to a bearing sleeve with a lithium grease can be, and then check the wear if the gap is larger than 5mm that must be promptly replaced lining sleeve and lining board.
However, the selected parts of cardan shaft of the mill is a luxurious, 3 front cardan shaft rolling can be selected balance level is relatively low, or you can choose to repair the cardan shaft, the general life of more than 6 months, but the last two universal shaft parts finishing need high-speed balance (the experience we know a new universal shaft, the service life can reach more than 10 months, only the general maintenance after the cardan shaft reached about 2 months, so that the new consumption will be relatively small);
The intermediate nozzle used in the manufacture of the universal shaft of the hot rolling mill requires a 5-10mm increase in thickness between the cardan shaft and the universal cardan shaft to ensure the wear of the bracket. This general use units are not aware of.



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