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How to assemble the cardan shaft
Mar 31, 2017

1. static approach. According to Assembly Shi by needed pressure into force of size different, and used clip clamp, and Jack, and manual or mobile of pressure machine for, static beat into method General for tapered axis hole, due to static beat into method by pressure mechanical of limit, in had surplus larger Shi, imposed is big of force compared difficult, while, in pressure into process in the will cut to million to axis Zhijian tie surface Shang uneven of tiny of convex peak, makes tie surface by damaged, so, this method general application not more.

2. the dynamic indentation method. The method use impact tool or machine to complete the Assembly process, commonly used for cardan shaft coincide with the transition between cooperation or interference less occasions, Assembly field typically using hammer tapping method, method is placed on the wheel end of wood or other soft material buffer parts, relying on hammer impact, coupling type.

3. temperature Assembly method. With heating of method makes million to axis heated expansion or with cooling of method makes axis end cold contraction, to can convenient to put round million to axis loaded to axis Shang, this method than static beat into method, and power pressure into method has more of advantages, for with brittle material manufacturing of wheel, used temperature Assembly method is is right of, temperature Assembly method most used heating of method, cooling of method with of compared less.