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Factors causing the damage of universal couplings
Aug 04, 2017

Factors causing the damage of universal couplings

The damage of the universal coupling is caused by many factors. The following are the main factors that lead to the damage of the universal coupling:
1, environmental factors caused by damage: for example, induction of electric discharge, corrosion, acid-base gas corrosion, deterioration caused by lubricating oil corrosion
2, wear damage: as a result of continuous operation, so that the relative movement of the coupling between the components of the wear and tear, this is the most common cause of damage
3, human error caused by damage: including improper selection, processing accuracy is not standard, the installation of the bad, poor maintenance and so on
4. Damage caused by fracture: damage due to fracture of components due to fatigue limit exceeding the coupling element in use
5. Damage caused by connecting bolts: the design and selection of connecting bolts and improper installation are also important reasons for coupling damage


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