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Curved tooth coupling
Jun 26, 2017

WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD as a professional cardan shaft manufacturer,has always been high quality, cost-effective, short delivery cycle for the broad masses of customer service.

The curved tooth universal coupling  produced by the company have also been well received by new and old customers. Then, how to operate the curved tooth universal coupling properly, and how to get sufficient  lubrication during the operation?

Good lubrication is not only the necessary guarantee for safe and reliable operation of curved tooth coupling , but also an important way to reduce wear and improve the service life of couplings. Under the condition that the tooth root bending strength and the tooth surface contact strength are enough, the width of teeth should be determined with a larger degree of overlap, and the width of teeth should not be increased blindly, so as to avoid unnecessary increase of the structure size.

The tooth width coefficient influences the tooth root bending strength and the tooth surface contact strength, and the bigger the tooth width coefficient, the greater the two strength. The coefficient of general gear width is 8-14. The minimum tooth width shall be determined by the allowable root stress, and the width required for the displacement along the width of the tooth due to the inclination between the shafts is taken into account.

The tooth width coefficient of coincidence degree, in the range of tooth width coefficient is less than a certain value, the increase of the value of a greater impact on the coincidence degree increase, but when more than the certain value, which increases the value of small change of coincidence degree increased, the drumgear coupling arc drum curve, tooth width or to determine the radius of the circle is bulging backlash parameter, the tooth width is greater, the greater the radius of the drum circle, side clearance required is greater, therefore, need two requirements:

(1) in the shaft angle at the maximum when there is no edge contact now;
(2) tooth concentrated load is as small as possible, and the tooth surface curvature and the drum of PI is proportional to the radius of the drum so as large as possible. The curvature radius of the drum curve is directly proportional to the internal thinning of the inner tooth, that is to say, it is related to the meshing clearance of the teeth. The lack of thinning may cause interference, and the thinning amount will weaken the strength of the teeth and will cause great backlash.