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Causes of gimbal balance disorders
Mar 31, 2017

When they assemble universal joints can often meet balance disorders, these reasons are not without reason, Wei Cheng today is for everyone to simply introduce universal joint causes of imbalance, which reads as follows:

1. universal joints in the process of production without guard in place, makes the incorrect specification of universal joint, which results in an equilibrium situation.

2. the emergence of universal joint shaft eccentric and uneven.

3. when installing the universal joints, no components are, leading to leave gaps between the mating parts.

4. universal joint attachment in an uneven distribution or asymmetrical, causing the imbalance caused by uneven or asymmetric.

5. universal joints appear after a long period of use and wear, leading to imbalances.

6. universal joints parts of the material is not uniform.

7. the junction impurity, which led to imbalances.