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The Causes of damage to parts of universal couplings
Jun 24, 2017

Universal coupling in the process of use, there will always be some parts of the damage.What are the causes of the damage to the universal couplings? Universal shaft manufacturers——WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD summed up the following four reasons.
1, Because the parts in the process of mutual wear and tear, so that the effective size changes, leading to damage occurred.
2, Because the parts in the process of operation by external force, so that parts bending, distortion, oval or other special-shaped changes, this change is often referred to as part of the correct geometry loss.
3, Due to the operation of the coupling parts overheating, extrusion and so on, resulting in changes in mechanical properties of the surface, resulting in damage.
4, Overall damage. The parts of the couplings are cracked, honeycombed, chipped, broken and broken

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