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Cardan Shaft For Rubber And Plastic Machinery
May 18, 2017


WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD has been focusing on manufacturing cardan shaft for the rubber or plastic cement almost 15 years old.In these 15 years, we has been insisting on continuous exploration and innovation.To do the first-rate cardan shaft brand as the goal.Cardan Shaft For Rubber or Plastic Cement is the main kind of our products.


WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT are widely applied to lots of well-known mechanical Rubber and Plastic producers.For example: Dalian Hua Han Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd.; Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group, Qingdao DoubleStar Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd., Beijing Jingye Machinery Co. Ltd. and other large domestic rubber and plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises.Now Europe, North America and Asia are our main markets.

Our designed cardan shaft is applied to calendaring machine,closed rubber mixing machine ,open rubber mixing machine and other equipment.The cardan shaft can resist vibration and shock in the rugged environment,anti dust corrosion to make longer service life and no more maintenance, prolong the maintenance period of the cardan shaft.We also have the strong ability to customize according to customer request special connection mode of the cardan shaft, promising high coaxial degree, the flexible joint, convenient installation and perfect after-sales service.



Dalian Hua Han Rubber Machinery Co. Ltd is one of our customers,we are their long-term cardan shaft supplier.As is the same case with those of other rubber or plastic manufacturers,before using the WICHENG cardan shaft,the other brands they use are always easy to fracture,quality problems often occur.However,since the change of WEICHENG cardan shaft,it has been a very long time didnt appear problem,greatly improved their production efficiently.