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Wind Power Equipment Cardan Shaft

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Fast Running High Performance SWC Designs Cardan Shaft with Long Service Life for Wind Power Equipment

Cardan shaft for Dynamo meter test bench equipment is another important kind for WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD. This is what we put a lot of effort...

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Cardan shaft for Dynamo meter test bench equipment is another important kind for WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD. This is what we put a lot of effort to research and develop. Dynamo meter test bench equipment includes oil drilling dynamo meter, Agricultural machinery power test equipment, dynamic test platform,motor testing platform, coal mine drilling rig test bench and so on. Among these, WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT will show you the wind power equipment cardan shaft next.

Wind power equipment cardan shaft is mainly used in wind power equipment and wind turbine test platform.Wind power generation is supported by wind generating set,turbine tower, battery charging controller, inverter, unloading device, network controller, battery etc. The wind generating set comprises a wind wheel and a generator, wherein the wind wheel comprises a blade, a wheel hub, a universal shaft of a wind power device, and a reinforcing member. It has the functions that the blades are rotated by the wind power generation and the generator head rotates.The test platform of wind turbine is to simulate the operation of the wind turbine by the cardan shaft of the wind power equipment, and collect the information of the operation of the wind power equipment.This kind of cardan shaft has weight loading,long maintenance cycle to withstand the harsh conditions of the test.WEICHENG successfully developed a heavy wind power equipment and universal shaft in the use of large-scale wind power laboratory.


Generator cardan shaft is a high speed kind cardan shaft,mainly used in diesel generator equipment.The product has the advantages of anti vibration, long service life and so on.Diesel generator is a power generation equipment,diesel oil is the energy,which power generator driven by diesel engine to drive generator.The whole unit is composed of the diesel engine, the generator, the control box, the fuel tank, the storage battery, the protection device, the emergency cabinet and so on. Generator cardan shaft is especially suitable for field operation power generation equipment.For example, the success of the cardan shaft manufactured by WEICHENG in the use of our missile force, field combat command system, power generation system has been fully tested.


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