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Steel Rolling Cardan Shaft

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High Availability High Professional SWC Designs Cardan Shaft with Strong Load Capacity for Steel Rolling

WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD has been dedicated to the development of large steel enterprise in China,such as, Shanghai Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Company...

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WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD has been dedicated to the development of large steel enterprise in China,such as, Shanghai Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Company, Anshan Iron and Steel Company and other large domestic iron and steel enterprises. Now, WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT has been engaged in the development, design and manufacture of cardan shafts for steel rolling. We continue to export our high quality cardan shaft for steel rolling to all parts of the world.WEICHENG designed the cardan shaft in the rolling of the harsh environment with anti-vibration, impact, longer service life and less maintenance, which increased the maintenance cycle of the steel rolling cardan shaft. Cardan shaft for steel rolling customization is also a feature service. To make steel rolling cardan shaft with the special connection way of the universal joint, high precision, flexible and easy installation.


Skew Rolling Mill Cardan Shaft

image003(001).jpgThis is skew rolling mill cardan shaft.It is used in the Three-roller type skew rolling mill of seamless steel tube. The export platform device of the Three-roller type skew rolling equipment solves the problem that the existing equipment has poor guiding effect and is not suitable for large size steel tube rolling. The device comprises a crossbeam on a lifting device, the lifting roller on the crossbeam, 3 skew rolling mill cardan shaft on the right side of the crossbeam, V type guide device at the left end of the crossbeam, a set of U type guide grooves on the cross beam of the 3 skew rolling mill cardan shaft, L shaped guiding device on the right side of U shaped guide groove device, L type guide device consists of a horizontal output shaft of hydraulic cylinder and L shaped supporting plate. The output shaft of the output shaft of the hydraulic cylinder and the level of L shape plate vertical plate are connected together. The front side of the cross beam is fixed with an inclined buckle tile device. The distance between the roller and the motor reducer is longer, so the length of the cardan shaft should be more than 10 meters,the middle must be equipped with a bracket device.In order to facilitate the maintenance, need to choose the type of SWC-E double joint form(Type E-Flanged shaft design, with length compensation), the advantage is easy to replace.

Sizing Mill Cardan Shaft

image005(001).jpgFor the sizing mill cardan shaft,the transmission device and work frame make up the Fixed sizing unit. The working frame is installed on the integral base, the racks are arranged in sequence and are dumped on different sides.The roller shaft and the horizontal to be the angle of 45 degrees. The adjacent two frame roll axes are perpendicular to each other. The working engine base is made up of frame,roller, bearing, roll radial adjusting device, roll axial adjusting device and a base. Drive roller of sizing mill cardan shaft through speed reducing distribution box, under the condition of smaller total reduction rate and light engine small reduction rate, the steel tube is rolled to a certain size and good roundness.And further improve the quality of steel tube surface. The Sizing mill cardan shaft designed by WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT with its service life of more than 40000 hours and convenient installation, welcomed by the majority of steel tube production enterprises and steel tube equipment manufacturers.

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