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Rolling Mill Cardan Shaft

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High Performance High Quality SWC Designs Cardan Shaft with Long Service Life for Rolling Mill

WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD is a leading professional manufacturer in China. It is located in Wuxi, Jiang Su Province. WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT has been focusing...

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WUXI WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT CO.,LTD is a leading professional manufacturer in China. It is located in Wuxi, Jiang Su Province. WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT has been focusing on the research and development, design and manufacture with different kinds of cardan shafts for almost 15 years.


WEICHENG producted cardan shafts for Rolling mill are widely used in domestic large steel enterprises, such as Shanghai Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, Anshan Steel Corp and other domestic large-scale iron and steel enterprises. Now more products are exported to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia and other areas and regions.

ZHONGCAI GROUP, one of our respected customer said,‘Every the production of sheet mental enterprises should know that the rolling mill cardan shaft plays a vital role in the rolling process.The flat plate,the service life of the bearing are close connected with cardan shaft, especially in the use of 20 roller mill cardan shaft.Due to the limitation of the installation space, cardan shaft for original equipment caused the frequency of damage too high, resulting in our production was very poor, a great waste of manpower, material resources.Based on the proposal of WEICHENG CARDANSHAFT, the cardan shaft for cold rolling mill was modified, which combined with actual rolling torque and field conditions.Cardan shaft with staggered high-speed, high bearing capacity was designed for us.’


WEICHENG cardan shafts are able to be used to resist vibration and impact in the harsh environment, and the service life of cardan shafts is longer. We are also capable of customizing the special connection modes of cardan shafts in accordance with customers'requirements.High precision, flexible joints, easy installation, perfect after-sales service and so on are highlight features of our products.

Next to illustrate some of our main cardan shaft for rolling mill,
image005(001).jpgFirst, Hot-Rolling Mill Cardan Shaft.
Hot-Rolling Mill Cardan Shaft is used in hot-rolling equipment for wide and heavy plate of rough rolling, intermediate rolling and finish rolling. It is a very important transmission part. The torque of Hot-Rolling Mill Cardan Shaft in rough rolling section is enormous large.The uncertainty of billet heating temperature can lead to the increase of the rolling force more than ten times, which may cause the failure of the cardan shaft working. Hot-Rolling mill shaft in finish roughing in use, namely the need to load torque, also need high-speed and steady operation.WEICHENG cardan shaft technical team for the purpose of the use of hot-rolling mill cardan shaft in the structure of the optimization of the lubrication system to improve the design, making the cardan shaft installation fast and simple, maintenance is also more convenient.
image007(001).jpgThe second is Continuous Rolling Mill Cardan Shaft. The cardan shaft of continuous rolling mill is widely used in hot rolling and cold rolling equipment. In the whole rolling system, each of the cardan shafts is working together.Which one is broken or damaged, will affect the whole rollingline. Therefore, the selection of cardan shaft and the cardan shaft manufacturers must be careful. WEICHENG cardan shaft to provide the overall solution of universal shaft, one-stop service, The design life of cardan shaft can reach more than 9500 hours. So welcome to quote us!

Should you're interested in our high performance high quality swc designs cardan shaft with long service life for rolling mill, please be free to buy or wholesale the famous brands' products made in China with our worth trust suppliers. We are one of the leading customized products manufacturers equipped with a non-standard customized products factory. We will offer you big discount and the quotation consultation.

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