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Papermaking Machinery Cardan Shaft

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High Quality SWC Designs Cardan Shaft with Structure Optimization and Smooth Running for Papermaking Machinery

Cardan shaft for papermaking equipment The cardan shaft is widely used in the different kinds of paper making equipments, like corrugated paper production equipment...

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Cardan shaft for papermaking equipment
The cardan shaft is widely used in the different kinds of paper making equipments, like corrugated paper production equipment, as well as automatic binding equipment.Compared with cardan shaft for the rolling mill, the torque of the cardan shaft for the papermaking equipment is smaller.However, the dynamic balance of the cardan shaft is very strict, because they need to run with high speed for a long time. The company specially developed the cardan shaft for such equipment with lower maintenance requirements and longer maintenance intervals. Even in some parts of the equipment, we have developed a maintenance free cardan shaft, so that the service life can reach 3 years, or even longer.


The new maintenance free cardan shaft, the outer spline surface of the outer edge of the spline shaft is coated with a nylon layer,nylon itself has self-lubrication.Only a small amount of lubricant is added in the assembly, and no lubrication maintenance is required. Moreover, the outer sleeve of the spline sleeve is provided with a dust cover tube, and the dust cover tube and the spline sleeve are sealed by a sealing ring, which can prevent sundries from entering the spline pair. Keep the spline pair is free of maintenance.The dust cover of the cross shaft bearing is inverted on the open end of the bearing sleeve like bowl shaped.The dust cover is made of hydrogenated nitrile rubber,and the four axes of the cross shaft are independent,an oil storage cavity is arranged on the end face of the shaft head.After the assembly of the cross shaft and the needle bearing, the gap between the oil storage cavity and the needle roller bearing is filled with grease.The air is discharged to form a negative pressure cavity,under the action of air pressure, the dustproof cover is tightly wrapped on the surface of bearing sleeve.And be able to work closely with the outer circle of cross shaft and end face, can ensure that oil does not leak, to prevent the external sediment and other dirt into the bearing inside, the sealing performance is good, so that the universal joint is free of maintenance, improve its service life. We continue to develop better cardan shaft, to provide better protection for the continuous use of equipment.


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